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Paddle boat for sale in Beston factory, a kind of popular water ride in the amusement parks and water parks, we also call it pedalos for sale. Paddle boats is a kind of small or large in size human-powered watercraft which controlled by some paddle wheels. Some people often call it the hand paddle boats, because at first, these pedalos are all human-powered. But now there appear many kinds of paddle boats, for example, electric and gas powered pedalos. These paddle boats often appears in different shape, like swans, ducks, these shapes are more attractive to kids. We have sold many sets of paddle boats to Australia, Nigeria, Thailand, Pakistan and South Africa and many other different countries. Buy your new paddle boats from Beston now!

Featured Products From Beston

Electric BBQ Boat for Sale

BBQ Boat for Sale

Beston BBQ boat for sale, a water fashion leisure boat you can use in the amusement park.  The BBQ barbecue boat ...
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4 Seat Electric Powered Boats for Sale

Electric Powered Boats for Sale

Electric powered boats for sale you can buy from Beston, a type of electric vehicle that is powered by a ...
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6 Person Paddle Boats You Can Buy

6 Person Paddle Boat for Sale

6 person paddle boat for sale which refers to the pedal boats that is suitable for 6 people. 6 seater ...
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8 Person Electric Boat for Sale

8 Person Electric Boat for Sale

8 Person electric boat for sale, a large capacity electric boat you can buy for your water parks. We have ...
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Red Electric Paddle Boats for Sale

Electric Boats for Sale

Electric boats for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement. Best water used rides for your water parks. Electric boats ...
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Big Paddle Boats for Kids

Paddle Boats for Kids

Want to purchase some new hand paddle boats for kids to play? Welcome to Beston Amusement. Kids paddle boat is ...
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2 Seater Water Bikes for Sale

Water Bikes for Sale

Water bikes for sale from Beston Amusement you can buy. Different types of water bikes are available which including one ...
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Small speed boat with 6 seat

Small Speed Boat for Sale

New Model Small Speed Boats for Sale With 2, 4, 6 and 8 Seats. High Quality With Reasonable Prices! Welcome ...
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Cute Rubber Duck Boat for Sale

Duck Paddle Boats For Sale

Duck paddle boat for sale from Beston amusement. Duck paddle boat is a kind of cute and novel design water ...
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Water pool large pedal boats for family

5 Person Paddle Boats For Sale

5 person pedal boat is suitable for family use in the amusement parks. Adults could bring their kids to the ...
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Amusement Park Paddle Boat For Sale

Swan Paddle Boats For Sale

Swan paddle boat is a leisure boat for fun, it is a popular water amusement ride for people which combines ...
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New Electric Paddle Boat With 4 Seat

Electric Paddle Boats For Sale

Looking for new electric paddle boats for sale for your water park business? This small electric boat can be found ...
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Different Types of Paddle Boats In Beston Amusement:

Usually, pedalo boats manufacturer could manufacture 2, 4, 5, 6,8 or even more seats pedalos. For example, a 2 person pedalo has 2 sets of pedals which lays side by side and designed to be used together. Some of these paddle boats have 3 pedals on each to keep people boating alone. But now there appears lots of electric paddle boats, these boats are automatic, kids and adults in the boat just need to control the direction. So there are many types in this industry in the following list:

Small Paddle Boat With Cheap Price for Sale From Beston

Cheap Paddle Boats for Sale

There are many kinds of cheap paddle boats for sale in Beston, our pedal boats can be used for water ...
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Amusement Park Water Tricycle Ride For Sale

Water Tricycles for Sale

Water tricycles for sale in the Amusement rides manufacturer is a tricycle that we used to see in the daily ...
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4 Seater Golf Paddle Boat 4 Person Pure Paddle Boats You Can Buy

4 Person Paddle Boats For Sale

Four person paddle boats for sale refers to the paddle boats with 4 seater, they are suitable for people and ...
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Two Person Cartoon Paddle Boat You Can Buy

2 Person Paddle Boats For Sale

2 person paddle boats for sale in the amusement rides industry refers to the paddle boat or electric boat with ...
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Pedalo Boats for Sale In Beston Which is Sorted by Appearance:

Lots of paddle boats are shape in swan, duck, or rabbit. But these boats could also be customize according to the special request by clients. These animal shapes are attractive to little kids. Swan and duck pedalos are two of the popular boat type in our factory.

Pedalo Boats for Sale In Beston Which is Sorted by Material:

Nowadays, lots of paddle boats for sale are made of strong fiberglass, this kind of material is more durable. These kinds of boats could maintain formal shape even hit by other things. It owns a long life-span. But there also exist some wood, aluminum and engineer plastic boats. Among all of these boats, FRP( Fiberglass Steel) and engineer plastic paddle boat are popular with water park owners, because these boats are durable and cheap.

Pedalo Boats for Sale In Beston Which is Sorted by Size or Capacity:

There are big and small paddle boats in the paddle boats factory – Beston paddle boats manufacturer and supplier. There are 2,4,5,8 or even more seats on the amusement park boats. Big paddle boats are suitable for people who want to play with his friends. Size and quantity of the boats could customized according to the requirements of clients.

Pedalo Boats for Sale In Beston Which is Sorted by Drive Mode:

As we all know, there are 3 kind of pedalos, one is drove by water wheeler, we call it the water-wheeler paddle boat. While others are drove by electric power. All in all, electric paddle boats are more popular in the amusement park, because of it is environmental and easy to operate. Kids could also control these boats without their parents.

Duck Paddle Boats to Australia

Beston Duck Paddle Boats Exported to Canada

We received an inquiry from  Beston Duck Paddle Boats page . Our customer need some paddle boats and he had attracted ...
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2 Seater Electric Boats for Lakes

Beston Paddle Boats Has Been Exported to Israel

We had received an inquiry of water paddle boats and bumper boats from our customer in Israel. After several months, ...
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2 Person Electric Boats for Sale

Advantages of Choosing Fiberglass Boats

When you opening a new water park, you need to select some water boats for your park? Here is the ...
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Amusement Park Paddle Boats for Sale

Where to Buy Paddle Boats

Summer is coming, people become to preparing some water rides for the water business in the amusement park, theme park ...
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Popular In These Country Areas And Paddle Boats In Beston:

Beston Amusement is a professional amusement park boat manufacturer, we have specialized designer and experienced workers. Our fiberglass paddle boats for sale are made of unsaturated polyester resins, quality FRP material. There are many advantages of our boats, high strength, water resistance, corrosion resistance, novel appearance. Our products has exported to many countries and areas, for example, Australia, San Diego, Indianapolis, Philippines, Nigeria, Johannesburg, Uganda, Tanzania, Asia and other Africa, South Africa area. Shape, color and size of these boats could be customize before order, contact us if you have some special need about these water rides.

Parts of Parameters of Beston Paddle Boats for Sale:

Name Paddle Boats, Pedalos, Pedal Boat
Size 3.75*1.45*1m
Weight 100-150kg
Capacity 2,4,5,6,8,10
Shape Duck, Swan or other animal’s shape
Color White, blue, red or other color you need
Material Plastic, fiberglass
Drive mode Electric, human-powered

Features Of Beston Paddle Boats for Sale You Can Buy:

  • Easy to install and operate for kids and adults.
  • Light in weight which is easy to carry and maintain.
  • Made by FRP which is durable for water environment.
  • Paddle boat is attractive to kids with its novel shape.
  • It is suitable for water activities with varies shapes and color.
  • Different kinds of paddle boats are available in Beston, swan paddle boats, duck paddle boats, electric paddle boats, gas powered padelo and so on.
  • Lower price of these water rides but draw more kids’ attention in the hot days. Several boats is enough for a small lake or pond in the amusement park, so water rides business owners will cost little.

Application of Different Kinds of Paddle Boats for Sale:

Pedalo is a kind water park rides for kids and adults in hot summer days. Paddle boat is an attractive attraction in small lakes and ponds in the amusement park, fairground pools or other water parks. It is a kind of family ride in the hot days, these pedalos could bring people more cool feelings. Swan paddle boats, duck pedal boats and other 2,4,5 seat paddle boats are available in this industry, customers could also customize some boats for their business. These pedals are perfect for water business for park owners.