Green electric boats for sale with 2 seats

Paddle Boats for Sale in South Africa

Different types of new paddle boats for sale in South Africa for water parks and ponds. Beston is a large water paddle boats manufacturer who had exported many paddle boats to South Africa. Our paddle boats are popular in South Africa. Welcome to buy paddle boats from Beston.

Big Paddle Boats for Kids

Paddle Boats for Kids

Want to purchase some new hand paddle boats for kids to play? Welcome to Beston Amusement. Kids paddle boat is ...
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2 Seater Water Bikes for Sale

Water Bikes for Sale

Water bikes for sale from Beston Amusement you can buy. Different types of water bikes are available which including one ...
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Amusement Park Water Tricycle Ride For Sale

Water Tricycles for Sale

Water tricycles for sale in the Amusement rides manufacturer is a tricycle that we used to see in the daily ...
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Cute Rubber Duck Boat for Sale

Duck Paddle Boats For Sale

Duck paddle boat for sale from Beston amusement. Duck paddle boat is a kind of cute and novel design water ...
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Water pool large pedal boats for family

5 Person Paddle Boats For Sale

5 person pedal boat is suitable for family use in the amusement parks. Adults could bring their kids to the ...
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4 Seater Golf Paddle Boat 4 Person Pure Paddle Boats You Can Buy

4 Person Paddle Boats For Sale

Four person paddle boats for sale refers to the paddle boats with 4 seater, they are suitable for people and ...
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Two Person Cartoon Paddle Boat You Can Buy

2 Person Paddle Boats For Sale

2 person paddle boats for sale in the amusement rides industry refers to the paddle boat or electric boat with ...
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Amusement Park Paddle Boat For Sale

Swan Paddle Boats For Sale

Swan paddle boat is a leisure boat for fun, it is a popular water amusement ride for people which combines ...
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New Electric Paddle Boat With 4 Seat

Electric Paddle Boats For Sale

Looking for new electric paddle boats for sale for your water park business? This small electric boat can be found ...
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As a large professional water park rides manufacturer, we manufacturing many types of pedal boats for South Africa, electric paddle boats, duck paddle boats, swan paddle boats, 2 person paddle boats, 4 person paddle boats and even 6 person paddle boats. We also manufacturing water pedal bikes and water pedal trikes in our factory. Most of our water products are purchased by our customer from South Africa these months. Some of them buy several pedal boats for trail order while others buy lots of paddle boats which is more than 50 or even 100 paddle boats at one time.

Details of Beston Paddle Boats to South Africa

  • Electric paddle boats refers to paddle boats with electric motor, you can paddle it by yourself, you can also use the electric power.
  • Duck paddle boats looks like real ducks with a large cabin for carrying passengers, lots of different attractive models available in our factory.
  • Swan paddle boats, really beautiful swan made a quality paddle boat for playing in the water.
  • 2 person paddle boats suitable for two person at the same time, for example, couples, lovers and sisters.
  • 4 person paddle boats suitable for family. Parents could bring their kids to enjoy a great trip in the water parks.
  • We also have other pedal boats for sale for South Africa customers. Need to buy? Contact us!

Features of Beston Paddle Boats for South Africa

  • We have more than 50 different types of paddle boats for sale for South Africa customers.
  • We use high quality materials, fiberglass or engineering plastics for each part of our boats.
  • We have rich experiences in manufacturing and exporting paddle boats to South Africa.
  • There is no limited minimum quantity, you can buy any pieces of paddle boats from our factory.
  • We keep on designing and manufacturing new paddle boats.
  • We are large manufacturer and supplier, if you need a large quantity of paddle boats, we will quote you whole price.
  • We had exported more than 40 sets of paddle boats and bumper boats to South Africa last month. We are reliable manufacturer.

We, Beston, one of the largest paddle boats exporter, has been involved in the water park rides for more than 10 years. Our paddle boats has been exported to South Africa, Botswana, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Australia, Nigeria, Thailand, Pakistan, America and UK. Looking for new water rides for your business in South Africa? Choose Beston Paddle Boats Now! Email us: or go to our homepage for more paddle boats models.

Welcome to contact us for different kinds of paddle boats for your water business. We will reply you within 24 hours. :