Kids pedal boat for sale in the amusement park

Paddle Boats for Kids

Want to purchase some new hand paddle boats for kids to play? Welcome to Beston Amusement. Kids paddle boat is a kind of small paddle boat for kids which is designed by water rides manufacturers. Most of them are made of high resistance PE and PP. Different from the electric boat for kids, paddle boats for kids should be pedal by kids themselves and owing to its usage for kids, hand paddle boats should be used in the shadow waters which is above 20 and below 65 centimeters. Little passengers could control the mini boats by turning the impellers. Buy your hand paddle boats for kids now!

Kids pedal boat for sale in the amusement park
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It is a stable and safe ride in the amusement park for kids. Generally speaking, paddle boats for used for swimming pools in the amusement parks, but this kind of mini hand paddle boats mainly used for the inflatable swimming pools in the kiddie parks, large playgrounds, squares and other water activities. Kids in these sites could pedal the mini boats with their friends, and sometimes these pedal boats could be customized for adults, parents could bring their kids together with this interesting ride.

Picture Show of Kids and Adults Pedal Boats in the Inflatable Swimming Pool:

Pedal boats for kids and adults

Mini and large kids paddle boats

Swimming pool hand paddle boats for kids

Kids hand paddle boat in the pool

Inflatable swimming pool toys kids paddle boats

Beston kids pedal boats in the inflatable swimming pools

Name Size Weight Capacity
Mini Paddle Boats 93*60*20cm 10kg 20kg
Large Paddle Boats 127*82.5*25.5cm 18kg 60kg
Adults Paddle Boats 150*89.5*33.5cm 21kg 120kg

Materials, working principle and appearance design of the hand paddle boats for kids:

  1. Buoyancy of the impeller could provide better lateral stability for kids paddle boats. The grip could be fixed to prevent it from turning by water flow.
  2. Novel design, beautiful color, splendid appearance and portable device make these boats more popular among kids and investor.
  3. There’s no obvious edges, corners and sharp fitting in the surface which is suitable for kids.
  4. A bearing has been installed to the turning part, this will reduce friction and make rotation flexible and portable.
  5. Front cover of the pedal boats is double deck which has perfect seal effect, it will be hard for water to flow in.
  6. Varies of colors are available in our factory, red, purple, green, yellow, light blue or any other colors you want.
  7. Easy to install and lower area requirement which is easy to maintain.
  8. Our boat for kids mainly use the LG chemical raw materials which is imported from Korea, this kind of material is safe for kids and they are anti-UV, fadeless and hard.
  9. Design of the advanced impeller is easy for kids to operate the hand paddle boats, there is a 360 degree rotating grip, forward, backward or steering is easy for kids. Kids could control these boats freely.
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