Feedback of Kids Paddle Boat to Australia

We received the feedback of kids paddle boat from Australia and America clients. We had exported many sets of kids water boats to different countries. There are small size, medium size and large size kids water boat for sale in our factory. If you want to buy these boats for kids to play. Contact us for price list now!

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These kids paddle boats, also called hand-cranked boat, it is a kind of water amusement equipment that is made of PE PP with high impact resistance, high density and UV resistance. It provides power and stability through the rotation of the impellers on both sides. The kids hand-paddle boat can only be used in shallow water or inflatable pools, and the water depth must be more than 20 cm.

It is a popular way of playing in the water amusement parks, swimming pools, scenic spots and other mobile water parks in summer. Because of its safety and fun, it is favored by children and parents. The cartoon image of the hand paddle boat is vivid and caters to the tastes of children. It is very popular among children. At the same time, the children’s hand-cranked boat also has a strong puzzle effect: it not only exercises the coordination ability of the child’s hands, eyes and brain, but also develops the child’s intelligence in the process of entertainment. Contact us for more information about these kids paddle boat and other amusement park water boats now!

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