Difference Between Paddle Boats and Hand Paddle Boats

Pedal boat and hand paddle boats is the indispensable ingredients of  water park equipment, after all, which one is more popular? Beston manufacturer takes you to learn more about these two kinds of boats now.

Maneuvering method: The boat has a steering problem when traveling and retreating. The boat rolls through the rudder to turn the boat left or right. The direction of the boat is basically the same as that of the car, with a steering wheel. The steering wheel passes through the steering rod and connects with the steering wheel sprocket to drive the rudder. Sexuality, when turning left and right, just quietly hit the steering wheel, and the hull will travel in accordance with your direction.

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Hand rowing is a kind of water entertainment equipment made of impact-resistant, high-density and UV-resistant PEPP, which is powered and stabilized by the impellers on both sides. It is a common play method in the summer in parks, swimming pools, scenic areas and other mobile water parks. Because of its safety and fun, it is favored by children and parents.

The cartoon design of the hand-drawn boat is painted and painted, which is more and more in line with the taste of children and is loved by children. A child’s hand-cranked boat also has a strong puzzle function: it not only exercises the coordination and coordination of the child’s hands, eyes and brain, but also develops the child’s intelligence during the entertainment process.

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Pedal boats and hand-cranked boats are similar in popularity, but the hand-cranked boats have shallow draughts and can be placed in inflatable pools and other places for easy movement.

If the water is deeper, you may have to place it deeper and it is not convenient to move. Which one you use depends on your venue.

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