4 seat boat for sale

Development and Maintainning Tips of Fiberglass Paddle Boats

China has developed this kind of boats for more than 40 years, most of the paddle boats was made of plastic and wood before, these materials are not so durable, so that’s why we choose fiberglass as the main materials recently. Nowadays, most of the small boats are made of fiberglass, they are quality in material, splendid in appearance and has got great attractions from investors and passengers.

4 seat boat for sale
BF-E Amusement Park Paddle Boat

So the maintain tips of fiberglass boat as follows:

  1. Avoid of sharp and hard objects, if the paddle boats hit stones or other metals, maintain it timely. Protective materials should be prepared before landing.
  2. Examine the body regularly, if there’s something wrong, maintain timely.
  3. If the paddle boat is idle in winter, place them in some dry sites, if not, the fiberglass will be wetten. These small tips will help you to prolong the life span of these paddle boats.
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