2 Seater Electric Boats for Lakes

Beston Paddle Boats Has Been Exported to Israel

We had received an inquiry of water paddle boats and bumper boats from our customer in Israel. After several months, they purchased around 20 bumper boats and 20 pieces of paddle boats for their water park business.

Here are some of our water paddle boats:

Cute Rubber Duck Boat for Sale

Duck Paddle Boats For Sale

Duck paddle boat for sale from Beston amusement. Duck paddle boat is a kind of cute and novel design water ...
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Water pool large pedal boats for family

5 Person Paddle Boats For Sale

5 person pedal boat is suitable for family use in the amusement parks. Adults could bring their kids to the ...
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4 Seater Golf Paddle Boat 4 Person Pure Paddle Boats You Can Buy

4 Person Paddle Boats For Sale

Four person paddle boats for sale refers to the paddle boats with 4 seater, they are suitable for people and ...
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Two Person Cartoon Paddle Boat You Can Buy

2 Person Paddle Boats For Sale

2 person paddle boats for sale in the amusement rides industry refers to the paddle boat or electric boat with ...
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Amusement Park Paddle Boat For Sale

Swan Paddle Boats For Sale

Swan paddle boat is a leisure boat for fun, it is a popular water amusement ride for people which combines ...
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New Electric Paddle Boat With 4 Seat

Electric Paddle Boats For Sale

Looking for new electric paddle boats for sale for your water park business? This small electric boat can be found ...
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