Electric BBQ Boat for Sale

BBQ Boat for Sale

Beston BBQ boat for sale, a water fashion leisure boat you can use in the amusement park.  The BBQ barbecue boat subverts the traditional boat. The construction is completely in accordance with the yacht’s standard requirements. The materials and craftsmanship are very good. Each accessory is safe and reliable, and strives for durability. Contact us for more about these new BBQ boats now!

Electric BBQ Boat for Sale
BBQ-6A Electric BBQ Boat


Model: BBQ-6A
Size: Ø3200×960(mm)
Weight: 456Kg
Capacity: 6 passengers

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BBQ boat is a good choice for friends and colleagues for weekend gatherings, family activities, business negotiations and other activities!

The BBQ boat is equipped with a 2.5-meter diameter parasol, 304 stainless steel railings and handrails, Korean BBQ, fire-resistant barbecue table, advanced automatic bilge pump, high-grade stainless steel deck, life jacket, lifebuoy.

The BBQ boat is equipped with a 2.5-meter diameter parasol to shelter from the wind and rain. Of course, if you want to bask in the sun, you can also close the umbrella!

Fishing enthusiasts will also like this barbecue boat, because the electric propeller is quiet and environmentally friendly, and will not scare the fish in the water. If the fishing is successful, it can be directly put on the grill to cook and enjoy it!

Our BBQ boats has been exported to many different countries, such as Australia, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Malaysia and etc. If you need to buy these BBQ boat for your business in a water park, welcome to contact us now! More electric boat? come to our company now!

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