2 Person Electric Boats for Sale

Advantages of Choosing Fiberglass Boats

When you opening a new water park, you need to select some water boats for your park? Here is the advantages of the electric fiberglass boats:

  • The most prominent of fiberglass boats is its light weight and high strength characteristics, a good way to reduce its own weight.
  • The strong corrosion resistance which can be used in the sea and hard to corrode.
2 Person Electric Boats for Sale
BBE-A 2 Seat Electric Boat


Model: BBE-A
Size: 4.2*1.45*0.75m
Speed: 8 km/h
Capacity: 2 passengers
Battery: (100-200Ah, 12V)*2

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  • Amusement park fiberglass boats has a strong dielectric and microwave penetration, suitable for warship and better for amusement parks.
  • Fiberglass boats is a good absorption of high energy, shock waves, making the boats hard to be damaged.
  • Fiberglass boats has better thermal properties, because the thermal conductivity of fiberglass is very low.
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